About Coonies !

Here is a head to tail description of Maine Coon Characteristics.  The breed is so unique, but what sets them above the rest?


One of the most defining characteristics are the ears.  They are large and wide, with long tufts coming out of them, and lynx-like tufts on the tips.


The face of coonies has an intelligent expression.  When you look right into their large eyes, it seems they really connect with you.  They are frequently described as having a feral expression, meaning wild or untamed, but this goes completely against their actual temperament, which is mild, sweet and loving.


Size is perhaps the most famous characteristic - a male can get up to 13-18lbs and a female up to 9-12lbs.   Some 25-30lbs.  Most breeders like us won't focus on breeding primarily for size.  Coonies are slow to mature and usually don't reach their full size until they reach 3 years of age.


The body is described as rectangular. Its strong sturdy body, well proportioned.  The neck is medium long, with a magnificient maine when mature, chest is full, legs are strong, with huge paws with tufts of fur coming out of them.  The paws are as unusual as they are endearing.  Then of course, there is the magnificient tail - perfection in itself.


Personality-wise, they will look straight at you and proceed to talk to you with a trill.   They are daft, clownlike, loving, sweet, cuddly, friendly, demanding and family-orientated.


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