About us 


We are Jen and Gordon.   


We are hobby breeders - the Coonies are our pets and our life.


Being hobby breeders means we adhere to strict rules -


Our cats live at home with us - the queens are not penned.


The Queens only have one litter a year - possibly longer - strength and health of both mother and kitten is what we attempt to achieve in our breeding.


The kittens only have a kitten room when mum is nursing, after that they live with the family like any kitten would do in a household.


We socialise our kittens and get help from friends and their children at Kitten Socialising afternoons, to ensure they are as grounded as possible before they leave us.


All our cats are tested - Hip dysphasia, HCM, Flv, Fip amongst the many that you may have heard of in your quest to learn about the breed and their health issues.


The picture to the right is of our Stud, Vladimir.