Contact for Kittens


It is imperative to us that all our kittens leave to good homes, they are after all, our babies, babies !   Please do expect to be vetted thoroughly, which will be by email - not telephone - not via video call...  we need your answers in writing.  Old fashioned, maybe, but we have good records then that we can save and review.


We encourage all our potential kitten customers to view.  



Please feel free to make contact for more information.....


We are able to deliver your kitten free of charge, should you so wish this service.  We enjoy doing this as it gives us an opportunity to see their new forever home personally and helps us to release our babies more easily as we love and want the best for them.



Last but not least a word of warning when considering purchasing a Coonie Kitten, some breeders will say anything to obtain a sale - some will even denegrate other breeders in order to effect a sale. Any breeder that makes such comments remember - buyer beware! 



What we look for are reputable people who can provide good quality homes for our kittens.   Remember, we are hobby breeders - this is done as an expensive and all-encompassing hobby, not for profit !